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28, 2006 at 3:16:59 PST

New Roulette System Revealed

A new breakthrough roulette system reveals how players can gain an advantage over the casino at a much lower risk than the other strategies.

By Helen Parsia <>
Las Vegas Times

Learn how you can win up to $580 an hour playing the wheel.  The method is fun-to-play and easier-to-learn than other roulette systems.

This roulette system, developed by gambling veteran Richard Graham has been shown to beat the casino and provide profits for the player that are much higher than that of other roulette systems. This system is the first and only one to be developed using an artificial intelligence program.  Months of roulette betting was performed for testing purposes.

"With this Roulette System . . .
         you have an unfair advantage"

This Roulette System incorporates built-in safeguards against high wager losses. These safeguards help us lose only our lower wagers and win our higher wagers! This winning method works at any casino, anytime, anywhere in the world this game is played.

There are now hundreds of roulette gambling players who are now using this method. Praise continues to pour-in on the results of their experience.  To find out what players are saying, read the unsolicited letters and emails from actual clients here: testimonials of players winning again and again. 

This roulette betting method has absolutely nothing to do with any cheating, illegal device, luck, or any method you have ever seen before.  You will learn how to completely eliminate the casino's advantage, using flat bets. A feat that has been tried by other roulette systems without success.  For more information, click here.

There are several well-known roulette systems that date back over 100 years. To learn about the old roulette systems you can pick up a book at your local bookstore.  

Helen Parcia can be reached at 484-5126 or at

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